A successful partnership built on a collaborative relationship with a shared vision

Our forwardthinking and proactive approach gave Colmore Tang the confidence to choose Beko in new-build residential projects across the Midlands and Home Counties.

Case Study: Colmore Tang Construction

Colmore Tang Construction, a leading contractor and specialist in the conversion of existing buildings, chose to partner with Beko. Having started life in 2013 as a team of just three people, the business has since grown and now spans new-build residential and commercial, with projects across the Midlands and Home Counties.

Andy Robinson, CEO of Colmore Tang said: “We chose Beko for a number of reasons; the depth of brand offering across a number of price points was important in helping us to decide who to partner with. Beko, being part of a multinational business, also gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed from a relationship. Our shared vision and values align with those of the Beko brand and the Beko service offering, particularly when it comes to forming a collaborative and productive relationship and future vision.”

Importance of shared values

Shared values help employees make informed decisions and unify company culture. They also help drive unity and focus in a partnership. When these are in place within an organisation, people understand one another and this common purpose and understanding helps people build great working relationships. Aligning values helps an organisation to achieve its core mission.

Andy supports this: “It’s critical to have trust in a partner over the course of a long-term development cycle with the confidence that they’ll be both proactive and reactive, supporting us when we need them to help us deliver the build programme. It is about working together and we’re confident Beko is the right partner for us.”


“Beko’s innovative technology, smart solutions and intuitive designs demonstrate they take a forwardthinking approach which aligns directly with that of Colmore Tang.”


“Beko’s proactive approach to sustainability fully aligns with ours. We were impressed to learn their parent company, Arçelik A.Ş., was the first Turkish manufacturer to join the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, in recognition of its sustainability standards, including their environmental commitments, social practices and governance. This gave us further confidence because sustainability and collaboration are key focus areas for our business as we aim to reduce our waste and utilise sustainable programmes to reuse and recycle.”


“Beko’s global initiatives also align with our values. We believe in the importance of caring for people, places and communities and Beko’s campaigns support this by inspiring families to eat healthier.”