Meet the Team: John Grimes, Specification Sales Manager – North

John Grimes, Specification Manager at Beko Appliance Partners, has spent the last 10 years with Beko Appliance Partners specifying appliances for housebuilders, developers and build to rent operators in the north of the UK. John has a passion for building and nurturing relationships with our partners, ensuring each project’s budget, time and sustainability criteria are met.

What does your role involve on a day to day basis?
There is no average day as it can be very varied, but my primary role is to ensure the specification we put forward on all developments is suitable and applicable for each builder, client and development. I meet and speak to various parties ranging from our valued trading partners to housebuilders, construction companies and their clients. I really like to get into the detail of what customers actually want and also mutually establish what is suitable for them in the here and now.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I can honestly say Beko is a great company to work for with so many really good people. As cliché as it sounds, finding out that two well-known and respected industry peers would also be forming the Beko Appliance Partners team 10 years ago was incredible. I also enjoy seeing a project come to fruition with our products installed – this makes me extremely proud for both the customer and Beko Appliance Partners.

How does Beko Appliance Partners stand out from competitors and what do you feel is Beko Appliance Partners’ biggest strength?
As well as offering a strong range of appliances with great features and technology at competitive prices, I would say our biggest strength lies in the experience and passion of our team. Katie, Mike and I have been at Beko for almost ten years which speaks for itself, and we are here for the long term to secure specification and build strong relationships. We offer experience, consistency and longevity, allowing us to anticipate evolving trends to enable us to help our customers future proof their developments.

What are Beko Appliance Partners able to offer your partners?
Our partners can expect great products and an honest, straightforward approach with the back up support and service in place throughout the purchase process. We look at the overall process a housebuilder, construction company or client has from initial specification right through to conclusion and handover.

We are able to offer highly efficient appliances with innovative energy and water saving technology, helping our customers achieve and exceed the necessary criteria required for planning. Some housebuilders may not know just how popular Beko products are in the UK. We are the UK’s no. 1 best-selling brand with over 40 Which? Best Buy products within our overall offering.

How have you seen customer demands or priorities change over the years when it comes to choosing appliances?
Project budgets have become more and more challenging in recent years, meaning everyone wants more for less. Some developers have scaled back amid market uncertainty, which makes it all the more important they choose the most affordable and suitable appliance pack whilst still offering the customer feature-rich, energy efficient appliances. I believe customers are increasingly reviewing their specification in more detail, with a greater focus on energy ratings.

In terms of the overall look, with oven choices we are seeing a shift away from stainless steel to a black glass option and silver freestanding is becoming less popular as white offers a more premium look. Buyers and renters want a brand they know, trust and probably have in their current property when committing to their new home purchase or tenancy agreement, and Beko fits that bill! Home occupants want frost-free fridge freezers as they don’t want to be manually defrosting them, an oven that not only performs well but looks the part too and energy efficient appliances with innovative features which will save them money, energy and time.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love going to music gigs, getting out and about in the countryside, holidays, fitness training and above all else and most importantly spending time with my family.