Beko Appliance Partners unveil new energy-saving technologies designed to inspire sustainable living

8th September 2023

At Beko Appliance Partners we are striving to support housebuilders, developers and build-to-rent operators with their carbon reduction targets by inspiring sustainable living in every home. At the recent IFA 2023 event in Berlin, the world’s largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade show, Beko were proud to showcase our latest energy efficient technology offerings in our Beko and Grundig appliances, highlighting how innovation plays a key role in our overall strategy.

Emphasising the impact of collective action towards more sustainable communities, we introduced during IFA 2023 the “positive domino effect” philosophy which drives Beko’s product strategy and technology innovation. The event culminated in the reveal of two new key technologies under our global brands: EnergySpin by Beko and AI-Sense by Grundig.

By reinventing the conventional laundry process, Beko’s EnergySpin technology helps to reduce a household’s energy consumption. Rather than relying heavily on heat to dissolve detergent and eliminate stains, EnergySpin technology releases the detergent upfront. It harnesses the power of faster-than-usual drum speeds to elevate the pace at which the detergent dissolves. Called ‘EnergySpin,’ these unique drum movements eliminate the need for excessive heat generation during the wash, resulting in up to 35% less energy consumption than conventional machines while maintaining high-quality cleaning performance.*

Grundig’s AI-Sense technology puts a new spin on the notion of “smart” washing. AI powers Grundig’s new AI-Sense washing machine technology, which automatically and intelligently identifies the fabric type, soil level, load weight, and rinse requirements to optimise detergent, energy, and water use. AI-Sense washing machines have approximately 28% of the product’s weight consisting of recycled materials, providing approximately a 32% reduction in the embedded carbon footprint of the product compared to a model that doesn’t use recycled materials.

Mike Beech, Beko Appliance Partners’ National Contract Specification Manager comments:

Assisting our new build partners to deliver projects within budget is a key element of the support we offer, whether they are simply seeking to meet current UK legislation standards or to go beyond. New homes providers who are looking to help their homeowners and renters to live more conscious, sustainable lifestyles through enhanced specification will be pleased to find that we can offer key models within our range of appliances that boast low energy and water consumption. These too will always be competitively priced versus our peers. Beko and Grundig appliances are built to last for a prolonged period before requiring replacement, which is backed up by our generous guarantee options. Our guarantees give consumers extra piece of mind and help maintain the products in use for longer.”

*Available on certain washing programmes.