Beko’s rigorous stress-testing ensures appliances are built for modern living

21st June 2024

Beko’s rigorous stress-testing ensures appliances are built for modern living

At Beko Appliance Partners we are incredibly proud and confident in the quality of the Beko-branded appliances we are able to offer our valued partners. As a specialist supplier to new build residential projects, ensuring we have the capacity to enhance new homes with durable products which are robust enough to provide years of dependable service is of paramount importance to us.

Beko appliances are stress-tested to the extreme by simulating real-life scenarios. From opening and closing our fridge freezer doors up to 300,000 times and testing glass shelves with a 150kg weight for 8 hours*, to extending the loaded lower rack of our dishwashers over 100,000 times, all appliances are put through their paces to ensure they can withstand the challenges of modern living.

As well as minimising frustrations caused by premature and potentially costly repairs, increasing the lifespan of an appliance additionally offers environmental benefits. Short-lived appliances contribute to electronic waste, which can be challenging to recycle and add to landfill. In order to extend the lifespan of our appliances and reduce waste, we offer an optional extended parts and labour warranty package of up to 5 years to encourage repair should an issue arise with a product. In addition to this, selected products within Beko’s portfolio of appliances are also eligible for our generous 10-year spare parts guarantee.

Steve Clarke, Beko’s Head of Quality and Sustainability, comments: “We continually strive to ensure our appliances are not only highly functional, stylish and energy efficient to support modern lifestyles, but are also durable enough to remain fit for purpose throughout the lifespan of the product. Delivering new homes that exceed expectations long beyond initial occupation of the property is a collaborative effort. The Beko Appliance Partners team are able to support providers of new homes by specifying appliances which we can confidently say have been extensively tested to exceed safety, reliability and performance standards, with extended guarantees offering peace of mind for both developers and their customers.”

Beko’s latest multi-channel advertising campaign highlights the multiple and varied stress-tests we subject our appliances to, offering consumers an insight into the extensive processes we continually undertake in order to ensure our products are built to last.

For housebuilders and developers, reliability of the products specified within their new homes is fundamental to maximising customer satisfaction and maintaining a positive reputation amongst home buyers and renters. Meticulous attention to detail on the developer’s part during the design and construction phase could potentially be tainted by inconvenient product malfunctions or inefficiencies post-installation, with costly callbacks and repairs negatively impacting the customer experience, thereby affecting the perception and integrity of the developer.

* Tests performed at Arçelik labs, supervised by TÜV on 60cm combi fridge freezer range.