Promoting a circular approach to support our partners in achieving their environmental targets

15th November 2023

At Beko plc Appliance Partners we understand our responsibility as a supplier to the homebuilding industry to help our partners with their carbon reduction targets. We are committed to finding ways to reduce the embedded GHG emissions in our products, as well as the overall carbon footprint of our business which, in turn, will support our partners on their own carbon reduction journeys.

As a company, we’ve embarked on the path towards a circular economy, understanding that every journey begins with a single step.

We believe that utilising recycled materials in the production of our appliances is an important step in reducing our reliance on finite natural resources, as well as reducing our carbon footprint and embracing a more circular approach. Designed to reduce plastic pollution, Beko’s RecycledTub® washing machines and washer/dryers use recycled plastic bottles, accounting for up to 10% of each tub’s materials. Innovative technologies have enabled us to repurpose fishing nets and industrial thread waste into high-performance materials, as seen in certain parts in Beko’s RecycledNet® ovens. These are just a few examples of the use of recycled plastic materials in our products. Our dedicated research and development teams are continually looking to find new, usable supplies from recycled materials that can be incorporated in the production of future appliances.

In order to help maintain our products in use for longer, we aim to simplify appliance repairs for our customers. Through our 10-year spare parts guarantee, available on selected Beko appliances, with a straightforward registration process we aim to promote repairability while also giving consumers extra peace of mind.

Our service division is fully equipped to handle appliance repairs, regardless of guarantee status, completing an impressive 200,000 service repairs each year. For those out of guarantee, we offer fixed price repairs including labour and parts, allowing our customers to make an informed choice as to whether repair is the best option for them. Consumers who are capable of repairing their own appliances are able to source genuine spare parts from Beko plc, with the past year seeing the company process 21,000 spare part orders to support the DIY market.

When the time comes for a product to be replaced, we encourage our customers to make sustainable choices. The reuse of appliances is always preferable to recycling, and if a product is in good condition, we support its continued use. Online platforms such as FreeCycle, Facebook Marketplace or eBay provide excellent opportunities to help fellow community members searching for second-hand appliances. Where recycling is the best option, we direct consumers towards approved household waste recycling facilities to ensure appliances are disposed of responsibly.

Achieving a true circular model requires collective effort, and we are committed to this journey at Beko plc. We invite and encourage our partners, suppliers and customers to join us, play their part, and contribute to a sustainable future.