Meet the Team: Mike Beech, National Contract Specification Manager

Mike Beech is Beko Appliance Partners’ National Contract Specification Manager. During the 9 years Mike has worked at Beko, he has managed the growth of our contract supply division. Mike has worked within the appliance industry for more than 25 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with his broad experience of working with housebuilders, developers and build-to-rent providers.

What do you enjoy the most about your role?
I truly believe I work alongside the best team in the industry, and I couldn’t be happier working with them every day. Our work and days can be demanding, especially between Teams calls, emails and meetings with clients, but everyone is so passionate and dedicated to the job.

How does Beko Appliance Partners stand out from competitors?
Our proposition is a holistic approach. We assist with the selection process, advise on the relevant installation aspects, work with our customers to manage an on-time delivery, provide outstanding end-to-end customer service and become your long-term partner. We understand that managing supply and providing on-time delivery within budget is a major concern for our partners and we work throughout the entire company to ensure that our partners objectives are fully met.

How have you seen customer demands or priorities change over the years when it comes to choosing appliances?
There has been a clear move away from relatively basic appliances simply because they have the ‘badge’ of a premium price tag. Instead, we see our partners looking for great value, high quality products boasting relevant features, functions and environmental benefits backed by a strong customer support proposition. Customers want more at an affordable price and that is what we can offer.

What kitchen appliance trends are you seeing at the moment?
Due to the pressures on build costs, the trend is to find a well renowned consumer brand that provides more for less. Environmental benefits are also relevant to both our partners and their customers. For us, being recognised by the DJSI as the leading global manufacturer allows us to assure our partners that for Beko Appliance Partners sustainability is at the heart of everything we do from cradle to grave. As a key part of those initiatives for both cost efficiency in daily use and as part of the drive towards carbon net zero we can provide high energy and water efficient appliances that don’t cost the Earth.

Are there any specific products or technologies which prove particularly popular with your partners?
To pick just one, I would have to say the Integrated Fridge Freezers that are also energy efficient are very popular. These fridge freezers are truly frost free with a virtually maintenance free user experience. They also include our HarvestFresh technologies that use lights in the crisper drawer to mimic sunlight, keeping product fresher for longer and thereby reducing food waste issues and the family budget. All of this, by virtue of scale of economies, are available at an extremely competitive build cost.

What do you feel is Beko Appliance Partners’ biggest strength?
It’s constantly a surprise to many in the construction industry just how big our business is. We are the number one supplier of white goods in the UK by a country mile and that didn’t happen by accident. We have fantastic, feature-rich products which provide excellent value for money.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like spending time socialising with friends and my family. Oh, and I like motorbikes. Motorbikes make me very happy.